[D&D] D&D Beyond since the buyout

Does anyone else feel D&D beyond has gone seriously downhill since WotC took over?

I’m being bombarded with pointless email advertising, losing valuable real estate on screen with pointless pop ups advertising stuff and the sources are being filled up with tiny tie in sources only a few pages long.

They’ve not taken anything away so I guess you could count the extra sources as added value / added content, but if feels like they are watering down value content with cheap easily produced crap.

It’s just a feeling at the moment - too early to be sure, but to quote Han Solo ‘I have a bad feeling about this.’
Excuse my ignorance but what is / was DND Beyond, and why would I want to use it?
D&D Beyond (DDB) is the official digital toolset and game companion for Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition (launched in 2017). It was originally created by Curse LLC, a subsidiary of Twitch. Then it was acquired by Fandom, Inc. Finally in May this year it was aquired by Wizards of the Coast.

You might use it because it has a full character generator, with pretty much every rule from every official D&D 5e sourcebook programmed into it. It also allows you to quickly share characters, or have a repository for all character in a campaign - allowing players to update their characters whilst making sure they are available to the GM.

It works as a digital distribution method for all the official 5e D&D books - and with a GM subscription ($5.99 per month) a single purchaser can share all the books they have purchased through it with all the players in up to 4 campaigns (maximum of 12 players per campaign) - you read that correctly, one person can buy the books and share the content with up to 48 other people who do not need to pay for any sort of subscription. And the books are cheaper to purchase in D&D Beyond than to buy the physical books. Thats insanely good. I run a game for 5 players - none of whom have purchased a single book, but have access to pretty much the entire 5e catalogue, and we share the cost of the GM subscription between us. I've purchased the books, but thats fine since I get to keep the licence when we part ways.

It also has encounter generators, spell databases, and a monster database.

It integrates well with either Foundry VTT or Roll20 (athough both require a thrid part tool) allowing characters in DnDBeyond to be used at the Virtual tabletop.

Finally it has a whole host of tools for Twitch streamers running streamed games, allowing real time character stats, Hit points, equipment, pictures etc to be broadcast live in the stream - I've never tried these tools since I dont stream.
The third party add on that integrates D&D Beyond is called Beyond20

If you are using the Foundry and want D&D Beyond integration you have three choices:

1) Beyond20 (https://beyond20.here-for-more.info/)
2) D&D Beyond Importer (https://www.patreon.com/MrPrimate/posts)
3) D&D Beyond Gamelog (https://www.patreon.com/iamwarhead/)

I could probably write a couple of dozen posts on each.

I currently uses both D&D Beyond Importer and D&D Beyond Gamelog but this is the most expensive option. Beyond20 is free and gives you everything you need (but maybe not all that you might want).