[generic] D&D advert on TV?


Rune Priest
I mostly watch terrestial TV via Freeview and I see these magazine ads fairly frquently although the DD&D one is new this week. Mostly they are ones involving planes, cars or movie comic heroes (i.e Iron Man was a recent one) Mostly they offer a £1.99 first issue and the £7.99 and up for subsequent issues.
Hachette still do them and in the most part, the GW ones are really good. I bought the whole run of the recent 40k one and it essentially worked out at two full armies at half-price, plus extras like paints, brushes and nice glossy lore magazines. Its not cheap, but its less expensive than buying the stuff as its sold in shops.

The thing is, D&D isn't THAT expensive compared to 40k stuff. So, if you are looking at even a low price of £7.99 per week for an issue, you're paying £32 per month for a load of disjointed gaming material* and some adventures. Surely, you would be better served just spending that money on the latest hardback D&D adventure book, if that's your thing? You're going to get WAAAAAAAY more bang for your buck that way.

* One of the 'features' of these magazines tends to be that the content is produced out of order, so you could have 'Elves' in #3, but have to wait for #24 for Halflings, half the L1 Cleric Spell List in #6 and the other half in #12 etc.
Based on the review of the first four issues it looks more like a ‘guided learning‘ product to help newcomers get into the game.
Picked a copy of #1 today. I haven't read it thoroughly read it, it looks really good value for £1.99

The dice are generic plastic.
The tin is cute
There is a wee guide to combat that would be really useful as a reference at the table
There's a L1 adventure, with maps and everything

But better than all that are four nice L1 characters on heavy paper/light card (perfect for laminating) that I think will see a lot of intro game play.

I'm still not convinced what they're going to fill 79 more issues with that will be worthwhile, and remain congruent with the then current D&D thinking. For example there is a section on Species with examples of Species specific abilities etc.

Worth your £1.99
I was never the tagert audience for this. The last edition of D&D I bought was 3.0 back when it was new. But it was still kind of cool to see my hobby represented on TV. Not something you see often.

I have vague memories of a D&D based game that used audio CD that had a very cringe-worth TV advert, but I am not sure whether it aired over here in the UK or if it just something I was once on Youtube.