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There’s a Facebook post. No canteen - pots, pans, and other equipment in the flat kitchens, apparently. And likely a bottle-only bar presumably as the beer lines have been out of use for too long to be safe.
I only just found out about the Facebook post - a friend told me - so I checked my login and I seem to be on the list. Why did they put it on FB and not mail the people whose email addresses they already had? No reason not to do both.

I did mail to check that I was still ok and predictably so far, no response.

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D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
I got an email back in Dec I think asking If I still wanted to run the games I'd offered when it was last due to run.
Me too, and I have agreed to run some more Zenobia using Tripod. We'll just miss Mark's Gran Meccanismo game but I'm hoping to play some like so many years ago. Wistful as ever.

I plan to sort out my food with precision and get on with some fab gaming. It's a very special place for me as I grew up there.
They have since said that there will be some food available (although you seem to have to pay for breakfast now, which I thought was included in the price before, but maybe costs have gone up?), although the choice seems fairly limited so I will probably be taking my own. There will be a bottle only bar AFAIK as well.

EDIT: I see it's also up on the website now.

Here's the mail I received:

Please note that the University now find themselves able to provide the following sustenance on the days specified:

Saturday through Monday: £7.50 per person –
Continental Breakfast: Cereals, Toast with butter, jam/honey, Danish pastries, Fruit and yoghurt, Tea/coffee
Friday through Sunday: Pay per purchase –
Lunchtime: Pre-packed sandwiches, Baguettes, Salads, Selection of cold drinks, Selection of crisps, Selection of confectionary
Friday Dinner Menu: £10.50 per person –
Beef Burger (Topped with Crispy Onions, Chedder Cheese Slice, Served in a brioche bun with sauce), Potato wedges, coleslaw
Moving Mountain Burger (V) (Topped with Crispy Onions, Chedder Cheese Slice, Served in a brioche bun with sauce), Potato wedges, coleslaw
Saturday Dinner Menu: £10.50 per person –
Charcoal Grilled chicken kebab (Skewered marinade chicken cooked over charcoal served in a sourdough flatbread with mixed salad and tzatziki), Spicy spirals, Corn on the cob
Vegan Kofta Wrap (V) (served in a sourdough flatbread with mixed salad), Spicy spirals, Corn on the cob
Sunday Dinner Menu: £10.50 per person –
Penne Pasta with Beef Bolognaise (GF), Garlic Bread (V), Grated Cheese
Penne Pasta with Tomato, vegetable, and basil sauce (GF) (V), Garlic Bread (V), Grated Cheese

In addition to the limited catering at the Con, there will be fully equipped kitchens in the flats/apartments for self-catering – you do however need to do your own washing up and shopping.


The Committee
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I'd very much like to play (or just sit in if feasible) in the Bethorm games on Friday, will just have to see if I can get a sign up slot.

I am considering running some Art of Wuxia sometime, can't guarantee it for sure though as it depends on what I can get done in the coming week.

I might also throw some board games in - if anyone has something they want to try I can see if I have a copy.

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
Must say I'm looking forward to this one a great deal. Some great games out there, fine company, and strong resonances to a part of my childhood. I won't be there the year after, so making the most of it.

I'm bringing my own food, milk and supplies.
I'm coming up by train this time so will have to be frugal on non-gaming stuff that I'm bringing. @d(sqrt(-1)) ) Ylou'll be more than welcome to sit in for either Bethorm/Tekumel game if you can't get a spot.
Thank you. Unless I am unavoidably detained by Nshe, or hopelessly lost in the tsuru'um I shall make every attempt to be there to represent the mighty qualities of my clan, humble and lowly though it may be.
We're planning to head over on Friday morning, not sure when registration is opening. We'll be coming over from Corby (Paul's Mum declined the potential convention crud so we're taking her out before); the plan is pick up ready meals at Asda. I can cater for both of us cheaper than the Uni and it's guaranteed edible on my part. Way too much corn on the cob!

Mind you, I expect to supplement the kitchen supplies (not that I plan cordon bleu cookery) on the grounds that any kitchen knife supplied is almost certainly blunt... I'll also bring my picnic plates etc.