Conan supplements for sale

Hey folks. I have a bunch of the Modiphius Conan wave 2 books on my shelf not getting used (comp copies), so it seems like time to see if anyone would like them.

Let’s say £17 each, including postage to UK mainland (prob pay by Paypal). Mint condition, physical books only. Shout in replies if interested in one or several.

- The Monolith Sourcebook
- Conan the Brigand
- Conan the Pirate
- Conan the Scout
- Nameless Cults
- Horrors of the Hyborian Age
- Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities

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Hey Tim. I'll take Nameless Cults and the Ruins one- sorry, no interest in in Monolith one
Cool! What's a platform where we can message to sort the details?

And yeah, I suspect Monolith won't shift, as it's a very particular thing. (Bridging the Conan rpg with a Conan board game, with scenarios etc.)
The Brigand is useful because it details (not extensively) just enough information on the City of Zamboula, first encountered in the re-named original fiction of Robert E. Howard "The man-eaters of Zamboula".

This is where some of the editors at Modiphius Entertainment, showed their poor understanding of Robert E. Howard literature, that hey almost committed a grievous "sensitivity" blunder trough an attempted retconning away of the Darfari cannibal cult in Conan The Adventurer. I had to get that put back in, imagine me, the black one, having to to point out the continuity mess that many of the white editors failed to notice.