[generic] Be Kind


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When posting, be kind.

Think how your post could be interpreted.
Think how you are interpreting a post.

Written form is challenging to communicate in. We all naturally add in tone and meaning that may not be there or intended.

If you’re angry, step away and give yourself time to calm down before you post.

Disagreement and debate are fine, but personal attacks are not, and neither are deliberately provocative posts. This is a shared space about gaming and other interests.

Above all, be kind.
I have to say I've always found this a very friendly forum, and it seems to me discussions have always taken place in a civilised fashion. I notice though that someone has left and it strikes me as unfortunate if he, or anyone else, felt unwelcome.
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Can I ask people to be kind again.
In particular can I ask that people are also careful to state their opinons as such and if they assert them as facts, to expect to be challenged.
Many of us come from academic, scientific, research, teaching and engineering backgrounds, and challenge and asking people to back up assertions is very normal and respectful.
However, when challenging and criticising, it may be best to adopt a non confrontational style.
False and persistent accusations or use of 'dog whistle' phrasing is really not appropriate and over a period of time may accumulate to needing action.
If you feel demeaned, othered, excluded, or falsely accused of such behaviour, use the report function under the post and probably count to 100 before posting anymore. That is not to say you should self censor, just pause, draft, pause, draft again, decide if it's worth it, then post.