An Emergent Beginning and a Triumphant Finale for D&D 4e

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
And so, after more than two years and fifty sessions of play, my Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition game has come to an end. What started as a planned short series of sessions to see how this edition played, it blossomed into an ongoing campaign full of great roleplay, exciting combat encounters, and an emerging backstory that culminated in a heroic great battle and the coronation of one of the player characters as a new king.

Our campaign has run throughout on the brilliant Role VTT​

I have enjoyed playing 4th Edition so much! From well drawn characters and their emblematic powers, absorbing tactical combat, to Skill Challenges that provide freeform roleplaying with consequential mechanics, and great adventure material and sourcebooks, the game has everything I could need. Above all this I have been lucky to have a great group of players, who have been fully engaged in the play and brought the fun to the virtual table. What a lovely crew of people!

The Role VTT has been our constant facilitating platform. Focusing on webcams to help us feel connnected, but also with map and token tools, and increasingly more as the platform has developed during our two years of play, I recommend it wholeheartedly. It has become my VTT of choice.

This is the longest campaign that I have ever run. It has been tremendous fun throughout and I feel really lucky that all the ingredients came togetehrand worked so well. Once you have a great group of plays, anything can happen!

We may even return for a time lapsed Paragon game or three in the future.

Good gaming times.

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We have a new king, who is still thinking of the many titles and accolades to attach to his name as "benevolent overlord" of The Nentir Vale.

And a full court of royal advisers, with generous uses of ice and fire authorised, plus dragon frenemies swirling around for extra intrigue.

The rest of us live to serve, for a time at least. "Valar dohaeris" and its twin "valar morgulis" are phrases from some ancient forgotten tongue.

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